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Nowadays running a chauffeur website is not easy. You are facing fierce competition and your chauffeur/limo booking website need to stand out from the crowd. Some of the minimum requirements for getting business from your website are:

  • Search Engine Optimization checklist as a minimum
  • Very fast loading speed < 1.5 seconds will be ideal
  • Mobile optimized, 78% of your visitors will be mobile this year
  • Optimized for hight Visitor -> Customer conversion
  • Easy & Trustful booking and payment process
Chauffeur or limo business website example

Chauffeur Website

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Chauffeur Website - FAQ

Q: Will the booking & dispatch system be too simple/complex for my needs?

Our dispatch & management software handles all processes of a chauffeur or limo business. You can manage Reservations, Fleet, Drivers, Documents, Cars, Payments, Invoices, Corporate Accounts ... and many more. On the other hand the system was designed for easy and simple use. You are not required to use all these feature.

Most of our customers start by using Online Booking and Dispatch functionalities. Then they discover how much the software helps them manage and be aware of business at every moment. You can use the software from PC/Table or phone while being on the road. (... not exactly when driving, we don't recommend that, but when waiting for your customer).

Our friendly staff is here to help and will guide you through the system explaining how to get the best of it. We offer free training for our software.

I want to grow my chauffeur business but I had bad experience with previous software providers!

We are with you here! We know that switching software providers and running a website can be difficult in this very competitive market. This is why we have a dedicated account manager for each customer that will help you get started. Take Action NOW! Don't let the bad past experiences shape your future!

I just don't have time for a new system and I'm not so good with technology. What should I do?

At Chauffeur Booking Software we focus on the technical details so you don't have to! Most of our customers are small and mid size chauffeur companies that use our software to streamline their operations. We have very easy to use working flows when you have a new booking to dispatch to your driver. Besides this, you will always be informed of each booking passenger & chauffeur status together with their GPS locations.

A key feature is instant profit and loss display for the overall business, each booking, and chauffeur. Have peace of mind knowing everything works fine and let us take care of technical details.

We have friendly support available 24/7 to help you set up in minutes so you can experience dispatch made easy today.

I don't have a website for my chauffeur business

Q: Can you help me with a fresh chauffeur website where my customers can easily book and have card confirmation?

Absolutely. We are specialized and do only chauffeur and limo websites. A chauffeur or limo website besides the great look and feel must have multiple conversion elements that very few designers know. More than this, we create very easy and efficient booking forms to avoid any customer drop while confirming the booking. All our websites have top Search Engine Optimization features and very clever customer conversion mechanisms.

I already have a website for my chauffeur business

Q: Can I use your dispatch solution for my existing chauffeur booking website?

Absolutely. Our dispatch software is a complex solution that handles all processes of a chauffeur or limo business. It tracks every step/change of your reservation from the moment the client makes the booking, till the moment the customer downloads his invoice. It is not important if you take the booking from your website, phone or from an affiliate. As soon as the booking gets into the system you have full control and visibility. We provide website integrations that give instant prices, credit card confirmation and then create the booking in the administration panel.

Q: Can you help me add instant prices & online booking capabilities to my existing website?

Yes, we can. Our dispatch & management software can handle multiple booking channels one of them is your website. Our friendly support staff will help you get started in a very short time. The integration is as simple as adding some text to your website.

Q: Can you help if my existing website does not bring enough business?

This is a very common situation, especially with websites build by agencies with no experience in chauffeur or limo business. A chauffeur or limo website besides the great look and feel must have some conversion elements that very few designers know. Our consultants can help with optimizing your website and increasing your conversion rate. We are specialized in chauffeur and limo websites with state of the art Search Engine Optimization features and very clever conversion tools.

Q: Do I need a credit card to get started?

NO. We do not require any payment to get started. We are so confident that you will love our software and services that upfront payment is not required.

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